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Foam Profile RETAIL

Foam edge protection 2m lengths of U & L profile foam for picture frames edges, tables surrounds and TVs.  Health & safety at work for manufacturing faacturies, warehouses and anywhere that workmen might have hard or shard edges, these 2m lengths of foam cushioning can be cut to go around bends, corners or curved edges and will usually be held by friction.

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Foam edging U profile protection 05-15mm

Foam edging 05-15mm 2m foam profile
£1.69 inc vat

Foam edging 2m lengths U profile 15-25mm

Foam edging 15-25mm 2m edge profiles, can be cut at 90 degrees to go fully around TVs & picture frames
£1.99 inc vat

Foam edging protective edge profile 25-35mm

Foam edging 25-35mm 2m lengths, easily cut with scissors to go all around a TV or picture frame.
£2.49 inc vat

Foam edging frame protection 35-45mm

Foam edging 35-45mm 2m foam frame protection
£2.99 inc vat

Foam edging frame cushioning 45-60mm

Foam edging 45-60mm 2m lengths of foam, larger frames and flat screen TV protection
£3.99 inc vat

Foam edging long edge protection 60-80mm

Foam edging 60-80mm 2m edge protection, any long edges needing cushioning
£5.95 inc vat

Foam edge/ corner L protection 75x75mm

Foam corner profiles 75x75mm 2m L shaped foam packaging
£2.50 inc vat