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Removal boxes for moving house

We offer a nationwide delivery service of storage boxes, bubble wrap and other packaging materials. For removal companies needing moving boxes & cardboard boxes, we can deliver direct to your customers home or place of work, helping them to start packing up their clothes, ornaments & personal belongings before you arrive. If you need to buy bubblewrap or removals boxes today, collect them from our local showroom in the West Midlands, Birmingham or we can even deliver direct to your home, please call for more details. Pay cash on delivery for the cardboard boxes if you are a midlands based customer or pay by creditcard when you phone to order, or simply order yours online.

Cardboard Storage Boxes & House Removal Boxes


We supply self-storage facilities with storage boxes for resale and to the independent self mover needing storage boxes to declutter their homes ready to move.  Most of our storage boxes are double walled for added strength and their ability to store the boxes on top of each other.

Featured products

Removal boxes MEDIUM 18x18x12" double wall

Cardboard boxes 18x18x12" double wall removal box, 460x460x305mm
£2.60 inc vat

Removal boxes LARGE 18x18x20" double wall

Cardboard boxes 18x18x20″ large double wall removal box, 460x460x510mm
£3.00 inc vat

Removal boxes strong double wall book boxes 460x305x305mm

Very strong double walled boxes, used for heavy files & documents.
£2.30 inc vat

Removals Boxes a Very Large box 610x460x460mm

Cardboard boxes 24x18x18″ large double wall cartons, for when you need something a little bigger.
£3.60 inc vat

House removal pack, STARTER home moving kit

Starter home removal kits, 15 very strong single wall removal boxes, bubblewrap & packaging tape

£29.95 inc vat

House removals pack, SMALL home moving removals kit

Small house moving & self-storage kit with removal boxes & packaging materials for storage
£46.99 inc vat

House removals pack, MEDIUM home moving boxes kit

Medium house removals packs have removal boxes and packaging ready to start packing ready to move.
£69.95 inc vat

House removals pack, LARGE home moving boxes & packaging

Large house removal packing kit, plenty of removal boxes, bubblewrap & tape to move home
£99.95 inc vat

Labels 500 fragile 80x110mm caution stickers

500 Fragile labels 80x110mm roll of vinyl tear resistant
£15.95 inc vat

Removal Blankets STANDARD 1.5 x 2m quality house moving blankets.

Furniture transport blankets 1.5 x 2.0m STANDARD moving blankets
£4.99 inc vat

Removal Blankets LARGE 2x2.5m oversized moving blankets

Removal blankets 2m x 2.5m extra LARGE transit blankets
£7.00 inc vat

Quilted Furniture Moving Blankets 1.8mx2.0m Std

High quality furniture moving blankets, premium quality moving pads & long lasting/ re-usable for home storage & house removals
£16.50 inc vat

Cardboard boxes small square/ cubed box 130x130x130mm

Cardboard storage box 5x5x5″ small postal boxes
£0.32 inc vat

Removal boxes strong double wall book boxes 460x305x305mm

Very strong double walled boxes, used for heavy files & documents.
£2.30 inc vat

Cardboard boxes square double wall 305x305x305mm

Cubed 12" square cardboard boxes double walled, ideal for plates & other small heavy items 12x12x12inch
£1.80 inc vat
Open Mon-Fri 1-5pm
Open Mon-Fri 1-5pm

Visit our Retail / Trade Showroom Morning visits by appointment

We Deliver to your home
We Deliver to your home

Our own vehicles deliver across the West Midlands, please call

Retail & Trade supplier
Retail & Trade supplier

Visitors to shop please call, Wholesaler of moving boxes

Local delivery of boxes
Local delivery of boxes

To Solihull, Sutton-Coldfield, Birmingham, Rugby & Coventry

House Removal Boxes UK

As suppliers to the house moving industry our house removals boxes are strong and durable double wall construction and definitely reusable so key the removal boxes after you have moved to use again or pass onto friends and relatives who may be moving, yes we ask you to reuse the boxes, think of the planet!


Packaging Material for Moving home

From single rolls of bubblewrap to full-size bundles we have large stocks available. Pallet wrap by the box or single rolls and furniture removal blankets in single moving blankets or trade bundles of 25, everything in stock ready for collection from our showroom in Coleshill or local same day delivery within a 5 mile radius or next working day delivery of removal boxes and packing materials to your home or business premises.

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