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House Moving tools

Moving tools, ratchet straps, knives & strapping to bungee cords screwdrivers and even hammers.

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40mm Steel Castors

Castors 40mm diameter furniture castor, sold singularly
From £1.10 inc vat

Marker pen

Marker pen, blue with thick head for large writing
£1.00 inc vat

Moving tools bungee cargo net

12 Hook Bungee Cargo Net
£5.95 inc vat


Rope 30m x 5mm Polypropylene PP Rope
£1.99 inc vat

Tools 2pc ratchet strapping, lightweight use

Ratchet trap 25mm x 2m 2pc
From £2.25 inc vat

Webbing straps for safely holding furniture being transported

Webbing, strong furniture strapping
From £8.00 inc vat
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Moving Business Directory

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