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Foam corners RETAIL

Foam corner protection in small quanities, blue foam U-profile picture frame corner cushioning. The U profile holds onto the picture frames, along the table edges and around the edges and corners of your flat screen televisions.  These are premade soft foam corners and are easy to use, mostly sold to the trade for moving expensive painitings but now used glass shelving, mirrors and TVs, basically the soft cushioning foam can protect many sharp corners, then can even be used for health and safety to protect personnel from hard in warehouses and factories.

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Foam corner U profile retail 05-15mm

Foam corners 05-15mm U profile picture frame protection
£0.60 inc vat

Foam corners U Profile retail 15-25mm

Foam corners 15-25mm safety cushioning
£0.70 inc vat

Foam corner cushioning retail 25-35mm

Foam corners 25-35mm protect large picture frames
£0.80 inc vat

Foam corner protective foam 35-45mm

Foam corners 35-45mm protect large picture frames
£0.90 inc vat

Foam corner protective cushion 45-60mm

Foam corners 45-60mm windows & larger paintings
£0.99 inc vat

Foam corner edge cushioning 60-80mm

Foam corners 60-80mm door & window protection
£1.32 inc vat

Foam corner protection retail 80-100mm

Foam corners 80-100mm door & window protection
£1.50 inc vat