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House Moving Boxes Leamington Spa

House Moving Boxes & Self-Storage Boxes delivered to Leamington Spa

House removal and storage boxes in Leamington Spa


Storage & Removal Boxes Ltd we are a UK nationwide supplier of house moving boxes and storage boxes to the retail self mover in Leamington Spa and we supply the trade including removal companies, self-storage firms as well as mail order businesses and transport companies.

Retail house moving boxes - Are you moving home in Leamington Spa or decluttering your house, SRB stock all the house moving and storage boxes you will ever need, from double walled plate boxes 30cm cubed, through to cardboard book boxes and upto the large house removal boxe (tea chest sized moving boxes) for the lighter clothing, shoes and bedding.  Call our packagin hotline 0121 706 4646 & speak to our helpful staff who can guide you through the packaging materials we stock to make moving day so much easier or go online and order just what you need.  Remember if you are local to our main showroom in the West Midlands you are welcome to visit and select the house moving boxes that you need from our huge stock and take away a little as a single removal box, if thats all you need.


Trade/ Wholesale Packaging & Moving Boxes - Our main customers are removal companies and self-storage firms, plus mail order companies and other distributors selling and transporting goods.  If you are buying storage boxes, bubblewrap or house removal blankets in Leamington Spa then call today and compare our low prices and great service.  We stock large quantities of all our cardboard moving boxes and packaging materials so its rare not to despatch your goods the same day. 

Foam corners and foam edging for picture frames and furniture edges, we stock in small quantities or full boxes, furniture removal blankets are sold by the bale (25) but can be split and palletwrap and handywrap by the roll or the box so whatever packaging you need, however many bundles of bubblewrap you want, we have it covered.

House Moving Boxes in Leamington Spa

Removal boxes MEDIUM double walled 460x460x305mm

Cardboard boxes 18x18x12" double wall removal box
From £2.04 inc vat

Removal boxes LARGE double wall 460x460x510mm

Cardboard boxes 18x18x20″ large double wall removal box
From £2.38 inc vat

Removal boxes strong double wall book boxes 460x305x305mm

Very strong double walled boxes, used for heavy files & documents.
From £1.69 inc vat

Cardboard boxes square double wall 305x305x305mm

Cubed 12" square cardboard boxes double walled, ideal for plates & other small heavy items 12x12x12inch
From £1.06 inc vat

Strong single walled removal boxes 485x330x330mm

Cardboard box 19x13x13″ single wall packing boxes
From £1.30 inc vat

Removals Boxes a Very Large box 610x460x460mm

Cardboard boxes 24x18x18″ large double wall cartons, for when you need something a little bigger.
From £2.66 inc vat

Cardboard wardrobe boxes with handles 1220mm 4ft high

Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes 4ft tall, taller than many cardboard wardrobe boxes sold online.
Call about collected/ local delivery discounts.
From £10.80 inc vat

Cardboard wardrobe boxes with handles 960mm / 38" high

Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes 3ft 2" tall, strong removal quality boxes
From £9.50 inc vat

Paper newspaper offcuts ornament wrapping paper

Paper 5kg wrapping newspaper offcuts packing paper
From £7.19 inc vat

House removal pack, STARTER home moving kit

Starter home removal kits, 15 very strong single wall removal boxes, bubblewrap & packaging tape

£29.95 inc vat

House removals pack, SMALL home moving removals kit

Small house moving & self-storage kit with removal boxes & packaging materials for storage
£46.99 inc vat

House removals pack, MEDIUM home moving boxes kit

Medium house removals packs have removal boxes and packaging ready to start packing ready to move.
£69.95 inc vat

House removals pack, LARGE home moving boxes & packaging

Large house removal packing kit, plenty of removal boxes, bubblewrap & tape to move home
£99.95 inc vat

House removal packs, EXTRA LARGE moving boxes & packaging

EXTRA LARGE removal boxes pack, the full removal boxes kit with bubblewrap and tape.
£149.95 inc vat

House removal packs, JUMBO home moving boxes & packaging

Jumbo house removal pack, bubblewrap boxes complete kit
£195.95 inc vat

House moving box packs, STARTER kit, just the removal boxes

Starter removal box packs, just the removals boxes for you to add packing tape and othe rpacking materials.
£21.00 inc vat

House moving box packs, the SMALL removal boxes kit

Small box pack of quality removal boxes, add more storage boxes & packing tape
£34.95 inc vat

House moving box pack, the MEDIUM removal boxes kit

Medium house moving box pack, strong cardboard removal boxes in a more basic box kit where you can add more boxes or packaging materials
£59.95 inc vat

House moving box pack, the LARGE storage boxes kit

The Large house removal box packs have just the boxes so you can add more of what you need or just add the tape, dispenser or bubblewrap.
£79.95 inc vat

House moving box pack, the EXTRA LARGE storage boxes kit

Extra large pack of boxes for moving house, this pack has more than enough removal boxes for most moves.
£99.95 inc vat